Repechage Hydra Dew Collection

  • Repechage Hydra Dew Collection

$ 150.00


The entire skin-quenching Hydra Dew Collection waterproof zip-top bag packed with easy-to-use retail sizes of Hydra Dew Nourishing GelCream, Moisturizing Day Cream, Illuminating Cream Mask as well as travel sizes of Hydra Dew Gentle Cleansing Mousse and Smoothing Toner Spray. This collection contains:

  • Hydra Dew¨ Gentle Cleansing Mousse (1.5fl oz/50ml)
  • Hydra Dew¨ Smoothing Toner Spray (2fl oz/59.14ml)
  • Hydra Dew¨ Moisturizing Day Cream (2fl oz/59ml)
  • Hydra Dew¨ Nourishing GelCream (1oz/28g)
  • Hydra Dew¨ Illuminating Cream Mask (2oz/59ml)
Type Kit
Tags anti-aging, dry, kit

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