Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Enzyme

  • Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Enzyme

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Support your home or professional skin brightening regimen with Rhonda Allison Skin Brightening Enzyme. This active enzyme is boosted with potent skin brighteners from various acids. This facial treatment softens then digests unwanted skin, supporting the brightening of surface pigment and restoring glow to dull, hyperpigmented skin. 

Sizes | 15 ml, 50 ml

Suggested Use

After thoroughly cleansing with Skin Brightening Cleanser, Gentle Jojoba Beads, or Brightening Scrub smooth a thin, even layer of Skin Brightening Enzyme over the skin. Allow the enzyme to work for 15-20 minutes and remove with warm water and a soft cloth. Use 1-3 times weekly. 

Type Mask
Tags hyperpigmentation, mask

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