Rhonda Allison RA For Men Shave Brush

  • Rhonda Allison RA For Men Shave Brush

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A fibrous bristle load holds significant amounts of water which mix with the soap lifted from a shaving mug or scuttle. The more water a shave brush holds, the moister and richer a lather will be. Thicker and more emollient lather translates to less razor skipping and dragging.

Bringing the RA for Men Shave Brush across one's skin produces a mild exfoliation. Because a shave brush is most often used with a shave soap, this effect often replaces the pre-shave routine of washing and applying lotion to the face.

Suggested Use

The biggest benefit of using a shave brush is the tendency to soften and lift the hair off the face prior to shaving. Applying shave cream or soap by hand mats the hair, or causes uneven raising. The application of shave soap or foam with a brush in a circular motion helps lift hairs so the razor does not need to be pressed as hard into the skin for a super-close shave. For this reason straight razors or high quality safety razors can be used in lieu of expensive multi-blade razors when using a shaving brush. 

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