Rhonda Allison Nude Therapies Energizing Peptide Spritz

  • Rhonda Allison Nude Therapies Energizing Peptide Spritz

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Deliver a combination of anti-aging peptides all over your body with Rhonda Allison Nude Therapies Energizing Peptide Spritz. Age-reducing peptides help recondition elastin and collagen, while at the same time stimulating the skin's mechanisms that produce the formation of new proteins to help correct deep wrinkles and skin sag. Anti-cellulite actions in Energizing Peptide Spritz help relieve the skin from harmful wastes, toxins, and metals that can cause bumpy and uneven skin issues for a lifting and plumping effect. With regular use wrinkles will diminish, tissue clarity will improve, and your skin will become smoother with increased respiration. 

Sizes | 30ml, 120ml

Suggested Use

After cleansing in the shower or bath and gently drying the skin, apply Energizing Peptide Spritz all over the body. Pat into the skin to awaken and exhilarate skin with actives. 

Type Toner
Tags anti-aging, body, toner

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