Label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Conditioner

  • Label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Conditioner

$ 31.49

label.m Therapy Rejuvenatiing Conditioner Luxury Haircare from RxSkinCenter

Revive and rejuvenate dull, damaged, or aging hair with label.m Therapy Rejuvenating Conditioner. Made with the patented Rejuven-8 complex which contains 8 technologically advanced anti-aging ingredients, this concentrated conditioner instantly revives and restores hair. Improve radiance and strength without fading color or leaving greasy, heavy feeling on the hair and scalp. Therapy Rejuvenating Conditioner is made with a Paraben, sulfate, and sodium free formula.

Sizes | 5.1 oz, 33.8 oz


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