Johnny B. Trick Water Resistant Styling Glue

  • Johnny B. Trick Water Resistant Styling Glue

$ 10.00

Johnny B trick Water Resistant Styling Glue for Mens Hair from RxSkinCenter
Get fierce holding power so strong that not even a rainstorm can move your style. Johnny B. Trick is a powerful water resistant styling glue perfect for spiked or slicked back styles. Whatever your look, enjoy a shoe polish smooth finish with plenty of shine and hold that lasts day and night. Johnny B. Trick is the strongest holding haircare product in this collection, perfect for short and spiky or huge mohawks!

Sizes | 4 oz, 8 oz

Suggested Use

Rub a small amount of Johnny B Trick between hands and apply evenly to wet or dry hair. Style as desired. For strongest hold blow-dry hair after styling to set glue rock-hard.

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