Glytone Hair Care Chronic Hair Loss Regimen

  • Glytone Hair Care Chronic Hair Loss Regimen

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Glytone Chronic Hair Loss Regimen for Men and Women

The Glytone Haircare by Ducray regimen used for chronic hair loss consists of:

  • Glytone Anaphase is a revitalizing cream shampoo which consists of an optimal formula to kick start a hair loss regimen. The formula contains Ruscus and Tocopherol Nicotinate to promote the nutritional exchange in the hair bulb. Additionally, Vitamins B5, B6, and Biotin nourish the hair bulb. Anaphase prepares the scalp for the application of hair loss products. It promotes healthy looking hair by restoring its volume and vigor. This unique cream shampoo is formulated with a gentle cleansing base, so it may be used a frequently as desired. Anaphase has been proven to improve the penetration of topical minoxidil on the human scalp

  • Glytone Neoptide hair lotion for occasional hair loss promotes nutritional exchanges in the hair bulb and supports the hair growth phase. The formula contains Tetrapeptide, Neoruscine, Nicotinamide, and GP4G which work together to stimulate healthy hair growth. Non-Greasy. A significant reduction in the appearance of hair loss is observed.

  • Glytone Anacaps is an oral dietary supplement which provides hair bulb and nail matrix with essential nutrients. A source of cystine and methionine for boosting hair and nail resistance encouraging their growth. Vitamin B complex works to activate cellular metabolism in hair and helps reeeinforce its structure. Soybean extract containing isoflavones stimulates hair growth in the hair follicle and preserves from early aging free-radicals.

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