GIBS Man Wash BHB: Beard, Hair, and Body

  • GIBS Man Wash BHB: Beard, Hair, and Body

$ 19.99

gibs grooming man wash bhb: beard, hair, and body shower liquid from rxskincenter.

Don't stress over your man-tresses, you have better things to do. GIBS Man Wash BHB: Beard, Hair, Body is the perfect power tool for the splash and dash shower. Save precious time in your daily routine with this all-over lathering wash for hair, beard, and body.

Man Wash is sulfate and paraben free, and formulated with Copaiba Balsam and Tea Tree Oil to cleanse and condition hair and skin without stripping away precious moisture. The rugged, lingering scents of citrus, oak, and basil will send you out the door smelling like you just emerged form the forest of man. BHB Man Wash is the ultimate 3-way for your shower and you'll never regret the morning after.

Size | 12 oz

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