GIBS Grooming El Rey Styling Jam

  • GIBS Grooming El Rey Styling Jam

$ 21.00

gibs grooming el rey

Max your swagger with GIBS Grooming El Rey Styling Jam. You'll be the king of style with this royal styling gel that is boosted with Burdock Root, Juniper, and Lime for antioxidant and antiseptic protection plus oil control. Get moderate to strong control with this versatile gel that can do anything from tight and traditional to unkempt and modern. No matter what your style, it'll rule the day with this long lasting flake-free formula. 

Size | 7.5 oz

Suggested Use

Apply a small amount of El Rey Styling Jam between hands and work evenly through dry or damp hair. Add more where extra hold is needed and style as desired. For extra hold finish with a blow dryer. For a more natural look allow the gel to dry then run through it with a comb or fingers. This will break down the 'crunch' while maintaining your style's hold. 

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