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  • DermaNail Nail Conditioner

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DermaNail Nail Conditioner by Summers Labs at RxSkinCenter

Stop brittle, splitting, or peeling nails in their tracks with Dermatologist recommended DermaNail Nail Conditioner. This patented technology is like no other nail product on the market and helps control nail splitting, prevent brittleness for longer growth, and remedy cosmetic problems of the nail associated with various dermatologic conditions.

This is not a quick fix for nails, but a long term solution for problematic nails. Be patient! This product may take 8 to 16 weeks to show full results.

Size | 1 oz

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Suggested Use

Use DermaNail twice daily; once at bedtime, and once during the day. Do not wash hands for at least one hour after application. Excess DermaNail can be blotted dry with a tissue a minute or so after application.

DermaNail is formulated to be applied directly to the nail. Only a few drops on the base, edges and surface of the nail are needed. Excess application on the cuticle, or skin surrounding the nails is not necessary.

Nail polish may be used, however care should be taken to allow DermaNail to be absorbed at the base of the nail.


Type Serum
Tags hands, nails, serum

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