AminoGenesis Spot Light Skin Brightener and Corrector

  • AminoGenesis Spot Light Skin Brightener and Corrector

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Visibly reduce dark spots and skin discoloration with this clinically proven formula. AminoGenesis Spot Light helps even and brighten hyper pigmented skin for a more uniform appearance. Proprietary and proven skin brighteners work on multiple levels to correct uneven skin tone and dark areas. You'll see dramatic results with Spot Light, and it is gentle enough for anyone with common skin sensitivities. Skin tone perfecting ingredients work to help revive dull, lackluster, sun damaged or tired looking weathered skin for an even and youthful glow.

Gigawhite is a botanically derived skin brightener derived from alpine plants that visibly brightens and evens skin tone. Melavoid, which is obtained from the root of Boerhaavia Diffusa, improves skin color irregularities for a more even and uniform complexion. Apple-ECO is a naturally occuring apple extract with powerful anti-aging benefits. Apple-Eco hydrates skin as effectively as hyaluronic acid plus provides the skin with anti-oxidation benefits. It also conditions the skin and provides gentle, non-irritating exfoliation to reveal bright new cells.

Use Spot Light to address discoloration not just on the face and neck, but also on the hands and decollete. Perfect for all skin types your skin will be left with a more youthful glow and eve skin tone.
Size | 1.0 oz

Suggested Use

Apply Spot Light after cleansing to the face, hands, neck, and decollete as needed.

Type Corrective
Tags hyperpigmentation, photodamage, serum

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