SUDZZfx® was born from mind of J. Aris Koroyan, a stylist, an artist and entrepreneur. He had a vision to utilize the latest innovations in science and technology with the very best of nature’s organics to create unique blends of products that would deliver immediate healthier, shiny hair. After 26 months of research and testing…SUDZZfx® was born and with it a series of refined blends that not only deliver more youthful looking, vibrant hair…but also allow for stunning and edgy, artistic yet wearable styles.

As stylists and consumers where hair and its condition is concerned we’re used to waiting. Waiting to see the results…especially when battling damage or rolling back the clock on our way back to shinier and healthier hair. With SUDZZfx® we don’t believe you should wait. All SUDZZfx® products are uniquely formulated to pack a powerful dose of restorative that immediately and instantaneously results in noticeable shine and condition.

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