Benefits of pumpkin in skin care products

Pumpkin Powered Skin Care

It's fall, which means pumpkin season is here! You might not know it, but pumpkin is a powerhouse ingredient that can benefit any skin type in a variety of ways. The fruit is packed with nutrients, vitamins, enzymes, and beta-carotene.

The natural enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids found in pumpkin gently stimulate cellular turnover, sloughing away dead skin and revealing smooth, bright skin beneath. This benefit is especially helpful to start the process of repairing any dark spots from over-exposure to UV over the summer.

High concentrations of vitamins A and C present in the orange flesh of this fruit work to naturally soften and soothe skin while providing protection against harmful environmental aggressors. Vitamin A also helps boost the skin's natural ability to produce collagen, resulting in a smooth complexion with reduced visibility of fine lines.

Oily skin will benefit from the essential fatty acids found in pumpkin. These acids, combined with VItamin E help maintain the skin's natural barrier function while regulating and balancing sebum production. Your oily skin will come back in to balance with regular use of pumpkin infused skin care items.

RxSkinCenter offers several home-use products in the form of toners, cleanser, scrubs and masks in our store. Just search for "pumpkin" in the search bar! We also offer PCA Skin peels that use pumpkin enzyme in our clinic at 7058 W. 105th Street in Overland Park, KS. Call 913-648-2345 to book your appointment today!