Did you know that acne is a medical condition? And, it usually can be addressed with the right treatments and medications successfully.

Facts of why some suffer from acne -

  • Hormones
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacteria

We probably know they all contribute to acne, but the truth is… No-one knows exactly what causes acne! Their are several related factors that may aggravate the condition, including:

Hormones: Acne can flare up easily in teens and adults—especially women during pregnancy, menstrual periods and menopause.

Certain drugs: Avoid products such as lithium and steroids. In fact, birth control pills may help keep acne from developing.

Genetics: If a parent, brother or sister, or your child has acne, it could be due to genetics. One study found that this was true of 50% of adults with acne.

Cosmogenic products: Using oily skin care and some hair products can block pores, which can lead to breakouts.

Stress: Stress won’t cause acne, but it can aggravate hormones that do. The higher the stress level, the higher the occurrence of acne, especially in women who work in high-pressure jobs.

Physical pressure: For some, the pressure from helmets, chinstraps and collars can aggravate acne.

Some occupations: Exposure to industrial products, such as oils used in metal-cutting, may produce acne.

Take some time to care for yourself and book an appointment with your professional skincare specialist or try some of the leading products like: