Most of us, including myself has been guilty of not having our makeup brushes cleaned. Since being diagnosed with chronic conjunctivitis the importance of removing as much bacteria from brushes that are applied to the skin is very important to sanitize.


This vanilla fragrance cleaner works effortlessly to clean eyeshadows but for makeup that has a creamy consistency like: liquid foundations | concealers | etc. it will take a couple dips & swirls for it to completely clean but still way less time than the traditional scrub and rinse.


Before you get conjunctivitis, face blemishes, pimples, blackheads or whatever type of bacteria that could be contracted go to and purchase Cinema Secret’s Makeup Brush Cleaner, you will not be dissatisfied. And don’t forget | Cinema Secrets brush cleaner has a nice vanilla fragrance, that disinfects and dissolves make up and grease without leaving a film on the skin.