DYI: How to fix a broken makeup palette

Have you ever dropped your favorite makeup palette? No need to dump it in the trash! You can still salvage your broken makeup into something you can use again and again.


Here's how:


Place your powder in a plastic bag and break it up into a fine powder with a plastic spoon. This ensures that your makeup won't get all over your counter.

Set the makeup by adding a few drops of 70% isopropyl alcohol to the composition, mixing it with a spoon until it has a clay-like consistency. Don't worry about the color -- the alcohol won't change the pigment.  


Press the makeup into the compact with a cloth and quarter. Press the powder down to make it even and let it completely dry overnight before using. 


And that's it! An extra tip to keep your makeup safe when traveling is to pack a cotton ball in your makeup compact to shield it from breaks. If it falls or gets thrown around in your suitcase, it will be protected. Make sure it completely shuts -- for smaller makeup compacts, try using a cotton square.