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Meet The Supremes

 Give your skin intense nourishment and pro-youth benefits with any of the Eye Supreme products from Dr. Eckstein. This power-packed trio comes in varieties to suit any skin type for day and night time use. Each of the Eye Supreme's are loaded with Hyaluornic Acid to boost moisture, and Phytosterols to improve skin's firmness. Each formula also contains skin-type specific ingredients to meet the needs of your skin. Tighten, hydrate, and even skin tone with each use.

All of these products are dermatologically tested and made with the highest quality ingredients. All of these products are free from perfume oils, artificial colors, mineral oils and silicone oils.

Eye Balm Supreme

  • Best for combination skin or daytime wear by all skin types
  • Provides ample moisture without feeling heavy
  • VItamins A and E protect against oxidative damage

Eye Gel Supreme

  • Best for oily skin, men, or daytime use
  • Boosted with Lecithin to prevent dryness without adding oiliness
  • Non-greasy and fast absorbing formula

Eye Creme Supreme

  • Best for dry skin or overnight anti-aging benefits
  • Rich, luxurious formula with natural lipids and moisturizers
  • Provides intense moisture for thirsty skin