Day of the Dead Skin at RxSkinCenterIt's Day of the Dead today, and that got us thinking, what about dead skin? The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it's an amazing one as well. Each day we shed a million dead skin cells, and by this time next month you'll have a while new epidermis. Skin cells can build up on the face, feet, elbows, and cause rough texture and a visible dullness that some find undesirable. Acne prone and oily skin can be affected by dead skin cells as well, the cells can clog pores and exacerbate acne skin conditions by harboring acne-causing bacteria.

So how do we get rid of all this dead skin safely? Well, in a word, exfoliate! There are two main types of exfoliation, chemical and physical. Physical exfoliation is exactly, that, a means of scrubbing away dulling dead skin from the surface. Scrubs containing walnut shells, pulverized apricot pits, sugar or salt, or herbal powders are very common. Physical exfoliation provides short lived surface exfoliation, and we recommend gentler scrubs for sensitive skin as some heavy duty scrubs can actually cause micro tears and irritation to the skin.

Chemical exfoliation is more common at skincare clinics like RxSkinCenter. Through the use of Alpha Hydroxyl and Beta Hydroxly acids, as well as enzymes that loosen the "glue" that holds cells together allows dead skin cells to ease away from the skin. Chemical exfoliation should always be performed by a licensed esthetician, and provides longer lasting results for beautiful and glowing skin. Chemical exfoliation is beneficial for acne, hyperpigmentaiton, and a variety of other skin conerns. Call RxSkinCenter today at 913-648-2345 for a consultation and to schedule a chemical peel with Marla, our licensed esthetician.